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Bayly news: Cabin used as home

A team of archaeologists has unearthed conclusive evidence that the cabin behind the historic Bayly house was used as a home in the 19th Century. The next step will be to determine how far back it was occupied and by whom. Click the headline to read more.

Bayly News: Student immersion experience

Cambridge South Dorchester High School students had the opportunity Thursday to work side-by-side with archaeologists during an immersion experience at the historic Bayly site. Click the headline to read more and for the photo gallery.

Archaeologist illuminates Bayly site

Dr. Julie Schablitsky’s demonstrated passion and commitment to archaeology is clearly evident as she works at the Bayly site, where her team has unearthed numerous artifacts, each one with its own story to enrich the history of the area. (Click the headline to read more.)

Bayly News: Week 2 new discoveries

Archaeologists continue to unearth artifacts that could indicate whether a cabin along the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway was used as a dwelling at some point, but further research still is needed to determine who may have lived there and when. (Click the headline to read more.)

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