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  • Canning Industry in Dorchester - Courtesy Library of Congress

A quick history of canning in Dorchester

Most people know a bit about the agricultural and seafood heritage in Dorchester County which includes canning and packing houses. Many folks don’t know, however, about the beginnings of these labor houses. (Read more by clicking the headline above.)

  • IRONMAN Maryland triathlon in Dorchester County, MD

IRONMAN Maryland is best in the world

Great news for Dorchester County! IRONMAN Maryland, the 140.6-mile triathlon that happens here in the fall, just won the 2017 IRONMAN Athletes’ Choice Award for “Best Overall Satisfaction!” This is basically the top award an IRONMAN event anywhere in the world can earn when it comes to what athletes think about it. (Click on headline to read more.)

  • Muskrat at the National Outdoor Show

Tastes like…. muskrat!

In February and March, you have a few opportunities to try one of Dorchester County’s more unusual delicacies — muskrat! This small rodent found in local marshlands used to be a staple on dinner tables. Now you, too, can experience it... (click on headline to read more)

  • Black History Month events at the Harriet Tubman Visitor Center in Church Creek, MD

Black History Month at Tubman Visitor Center

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center, Site #13 along the Tubman Byway, hosts family-friendly programming on weekends in the month of February in honor of Black History Month. (Click headline to read more.)

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