Welcome to Dorchester Tourism’s new website!

Dorchester County Tourism’s  new website celebrates what makes the county unique and authentic. The reinvented site incorporates the new “Water Moves Us” branding that is being used jointly by Dorchester County Economic Development, Dorchester Chamber of Commerce, and Dorchester Tourism.

Created by web developer Danielle Darling of Caroline County, the website showcases Dorchester’s natural beauty and how the water affects and inspires the county’s residents, from watermen to artists to entrepreneurs. The site also incorporates a more robust events calendar, trip ideas, and more.
“Our new website gives us powerful new ways to feature the stories and the people who make Dorchester County the unique place it is,” said Amanda Fenstermaker, director of Dorchester County Tourism. “We hope this more user-friendly site will help keep locals informed and motivate potential visitors to come spend time here.”
The site also incorporates responsive design, which means it works across all devices (mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers). This is an important move, since more people are using their phones and tablets to access travel information. (In 2013, 30 percent more online visitors than in 2012 accessed the Dorchester Tourism website using their mobile devices.)
In addition to the website, we also promote the county through our Facebook and Instagram pages (please join us!), and through print and online advertising, brochures, travel expos, and more. Let us know what you think! Drop a line at info@visitdorchester.org.

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