Water/Ways Educational Resources

Maryland Humanities has developed a Water/Ways toolkit with resources for educators to use in conjunction with Water/Ways.

Poetry lesson plans: Water/Ways: The Poetry of Science
WaterWays: Poetry Lessons Summary  | Poetry Lessons (formatted pdf)

  • Engage students in discovering the various aspects of water through poetry.
  • Using science, myth, ceremony, history and values, these lessons encourage an in‐depth understanding of water and how they relate to it, expressed within their own writing.
  • Grades 1-12, lessons divided into grade appropriate settings.

Reading lists
Children’s Suggested Reading | Adult Suggested Reading

Film lists
Download list here

  • Suggestions for films that can be used for discussions in conjunction with the exhibition.
  • See children’s book list for some of the favorite animated short films.

Girl Scout Water Patch Guides
Daisy | BrownieJuniorCadette  | Senior

  • Age appropriate activities are designed to inspire interest in water quality, with suggested ideas on how to take action to protect and restore water resources in local communities.
  • Can be adapted for classroom use.
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