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WMU to compete on bike
 Rebecca Fox
The Triathlete
As a triathlete, Rebecca Fox has probably seen more of Dorchester County than most folks—by bicycle, on foot, and underwater. Inspired by the local triathlete club, Cambridge Multi-Sport, Rebecca tried her first triathlon in 2007. Since then, she’s racked up more than 20 races, many of them right here in Dorchester, which hosts the top-ranked Ironman 70.3 Eagleman, as well as the first-ever Ironman Maryland. When she’s not training for the next race, she’s teaching or researching as an environmental scientist. “My favorite part of triathlon is training towards a goal. It gives me opportunities to get outside and see the county and hang out with friends,” she says. “It has become part of me.”

my picks

My perfect way to spend a day in Dorchester
Swim in the river in the spring, bike around Dorchester, and hang out downtown at our local festivals.

Favorite bike rides
I have two. The first is from Cambridge and down Route 343 to Ragged Point, and the second is from Cambridge across to Vienna and back. It is cool to bike from the Choptank River to the Nanticoke River and back.

Best spot to take friends from out of town
Definitely the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. It is such a great place to see our local wildlife.

Off the beaten path
Old Salty’s on Hooper’s Island. A few years ago, our triathlon club did a ride to Old Salty’s to eat [that’s about 25 miles one way].


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