water moves us to eat local seafood

Crabs at Ocean Odyssey, Cambridge
Travis Todd
Ocean Odyssey Seafood Restaurant

Travis Todd was 5 years old when his family’s Ocean Odyssey Seafood Restaurant was built. But his family’s connections to local seafood go back even further, to 1947, when the family started a seafood and packing and distributing business. Today they still use primarily their own house-picked crabmeat in dishes from crab cakes to crab tater tots. (Plus, of course, steamed crabs). Chef Travis is big on sourcing local food—the oysters, bread, produce, bison, ground beef, and more in Ocean Odyssey’s dishes all come from Dorchester County businesses. “I’ll call the fellas down at the oyster farm and they literally pull them out of the water while we’re on the phone, bring them in, and they’re served that night. It doesn’t get any better than that,” he says. Ocean Odyssey is also known for serving up a selection of lesser known and more sustainable species of fish, as well as a range of craft brews.

my picks

Favorite way to spend the day in Dorchester:
Depends on the season. Spring I like a country ride to see all the wildlife and plants coming back to full swing. Also we get pretty pumped up about watching the Eagleman triathletes. Summer get me out on that boat. Fall let’s fill up a long table with a bunch of crabs and beers and good company and make a day out of it. Winter I’m thinking sitting by the fire or out in a duck blind.

Favorite place to go with out-of-town guests:
I’ve always been a big believer in the whole “it’s not where you are but who you’re with” thing, truth is there are great people around here and there are good and simple times to be had in many different locations.

Dorchester’s best-kept secret:
I would tell you, but then people might stop inviting me! Dorchester really is a unique place. I love traveling but coming back always feels right.

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