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Spocott Windmill & Village

Once a self-contained community, ‘Spocott’ today has the only existing post windmill for grinding grain in Maryland. Also on the property are a colonial tenant farmhouse and a one-room schoolhouse. The grounds and several of the buildings are open dusk to dawn daily for self-guided tours. Under “fair winds,” the mill is still operated from time to time, usually during an Earth Day celebration in April and then the same day as the Beckwith Apple Festival in mid-October.

There has been a succession of windmills at this location dating to the 1700s. A similar working windmill stood near the site until it was knocked down by the blizzard of 1888. This replica, built in 1972 by noted boat builder Jim Richardson (namesake of the Richardson Maritime Museum in Cambridge), contains the original grinding stones and interior steps. The exterior steps provide a glimpse of nearby Gary Creek.

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