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Heritage Museums & Gardens of Dorchester

Starting at the Heritage Museums site, the visitor will get a broad introduction to the “work and family” of Dorchester County. The farm or plantation lifestyle is illustrated here in the Museums as well as the historic buildings. This will set the stage for the ultimate theme- escape from slavery.

The tour will commence aboard the bus and travel to the historic and scenic Neck District of the county, outside of Cambridge. The first stop will be at Spocott Windmill. A miller’s cottage, school and the windmill have been refurbished, recreated and furnished to period and will illustrate life in the 1850s.

Continue to the Town Point area, where more than 40 slaves escaped over a two week period in October of 1857. Tradition holds that the escapees had information to aid their escape from the now famous Harriet Tubman.

A commemorative plaque is in place at the Stanley Institute, which is next on the tour. This historic African American school and church, dates to the 1860s.

End your tour with a visit to the Harriet Tubman Museum in Cambridge. This piece will explain the means and determination of many of the county’s enslaved people. Learn in depth about Harriet Tubman’s orchestration of many slaves quests for freedom.

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