New Pollinator Sanctuary opens at Blackwater

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge’s new four-acre Pollinator Sanctuary is now open to the public!

This wildflower meadow restoration project is designed to serve as a habitat for bees, birds, butterflies, and more. They’ve planted 25+ native wildflowers and grasses, which will be in bloom for much of the spring and summer. Pollinating animals, including bees, birds, butterflies, bats, beetles and others, are vital to our delicate ecosystem, supporting terrestrial wildlife, providing healthy watershed, and more. Deepen your appreciation for these important creatures by taking a walk around the sanctuary! Located at the entrance to Wildlife Drive, just beyond the fee station. A gravel parking area is located on the right side of Wildlife Drive, opposite the Pollinator Sanctuary trailhead. The trail is open year round from dawn to dusk, and is limited to foot traffic only. Find out more about Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

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