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Steamed Crabs In Bushel Basket

Seafood market offering local Maryland crabs, either live or steamed to order; and soft crabs, fresh or frozen for retail sale. Plus oysters (in the shell or shucked), fresh-picked Maryland crabmeat, and frozen shrimp.

Prices are wholesale and based on the market, so call for daily prices.

Located in Woolford. Heading east on Route 50 in Cambridge, turn right on Church Creek Road/Route 16 south toward Church Creek. Continue 9.5 miles on Route 16. Lindy’s is 0.3 miles past Harrisville Road.


Mon-Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – Noon

get in touch

1548 Taylors Island Road
Woolford, MD 21677
410-228-5032 (p)
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