IRONMAN Maryland is best in the world

Great news for Dorchester County! IRONMAN Maryland, the 140.6-mile triathlon that happens here in the fall, just won the 2017 IRONMAN Athletes’ Choice Award for “Best Overall Satisfaction!” This is basically the top award an IRONMAN event anywhere in the world can earn when it comes to what athletes think about it. The race gets high marks for the bike, the run, the “best city host experience,” and more! See a listing of the awards along with quotes from the athletes about the races.

As race director and longtime Dorchester resident Gerry Boyle says, “It’s huge. Beyond our wildest dreams.” And Gerry has a lot to do with why IMMD won the award. Read this great story about the race director that athletes around the world rave about.

And thanks to all the local volunteers, spectators, and supporters who make IMMD such a success!

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