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Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area partners include local museums, organizations, and municipalities that advance the mission and goals of the Heritage Area by protecting, preserving, and promoting Dorchester County’s unique historic, cultural and natural resources. Each month, we spotlight a heritage partner who has supported heritage tourism in Dorchester County with a project, program, site, or event funded by either a Maryland Heritage Areas Authority grant or a Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area Mini-Grant.

Visit our historical sites and learn more what makes the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area special.

Partner Spotlight: Alpha Genesis

Alpha Genesis Community Development Corporation is dedicated to celebrating Dorchester heritage and connecting the community through the shared experience of art and culture. They have evolved from orchestrating community conversations to producing fabulous public art projects and programming. (Click the headline to read more.)

Partner Spotlight: East New Market

The Town of East New Market was the first municipality in Dorchester County to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. As one of the founding members of the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area, the town has long been a dedicated advocate for preserving local heritage. (Click the headline to read more.)

Partner Spotlight: Nause-Waiwash

Partner Spotlight: The Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians are committed to preserving and promoting their rich history and culture on the Eastern Shore. Native American Heritage is one of the founding themes of our Heritage Area, which prioritizes stewardship like that demonstrated by the Nause-Waiwash. (Click the headline to read more.)

Partner Spotlight: Center for the Arts

The Dorchester Center for the Arts is an organization that epitomizes one of the themes that define our Heritage Area. DCA is dedicated to enriching Maryland’s Eastern Shore community with high quality arts programming and is a stalwart heritage partner committed to increasing access to the arts for all members of our community. (Click the headline to read more.)

Partner Spotlight: Historical Society

The Dorchester Historical Society is perhaps best known for its campus with the Meredith House and the Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester. But its mission goes much deeper as the organization and its volunteers preserve, research, educate and celebrate the history and traditions of Dorchester County. (Click the headline to read more.)

Partner Spotlight: Town of Vienna

Heritage Partner Spotlight: The quaint town of Vienna is a historic crossroads village on the Nanticoke River, dating from early colonial times. Steeped in tradition and history, Vienna has managed to preserve much of its charm and quiet lifestyle for more three centuries while finding ways to share and celebrate its rich heritage. (Click the headline to read more.)

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