Heritage Area presents annual awards

Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Award recipients:
Front row, from left: Richard Abend, of Friends of Blackwater, and Priscilla Timken, of Chesapeake Tours
Back row, from left: George M. Radcliffe, Jr; Tom Horton, with High Tide in Dorchester; Harry Heckathorn, of Friends of Blackwater; and David Harp, with High Tide in Dorchester
Not pictured: Sandy Cannon-Brown, with High Tide in Dorchester

Recognizing preservation, promotion of local culture

A documentary filmmaking team, national wildlife refuge support organization, historic preservationist and a tourism company were honored on Oct. 25 for their roles in helping to preserve and promote Dorchester County’s local culture during the annual Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area Awards Reception.

The event, which took place at the Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge, also included presentations on the Heritage Area’s achievements over the past year.

The 2018 honorees, who were nominated by members of the community and chosen by the Management Board of the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area, were:

Outstanding Project

High Tide in Dorchester and the documentary team of David Harp, Tom Horton and Sandy Cannon-Brown – Outstanding Project, which recognizes an exceptional project, event or activity conducted/sponsored by an organization, business, individual or local government that highlights Dorchester’s natural or cultural heritage and/or increases public awareness of its history, heritage and cultural traditions.

Their nomination noted that the “documentary, High Tide in Dorchester, highlights with clarity the present and increasing impact climate change is and will continue to have on the natural land and waterscapes of the County and a way of life having been passed down through the generations.”

Organizational Excellence

Friends of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge – Organizational Excellence, which recognizes an organization or local government entity that demonstrates sustained achievement in contributing to heritage preservation, promotion, interpretation or tourism efforts. Richard Abend and Harry Heckathorn accepted the award on behalf of Friends of Blackwater.

Their nomination noted that the Friends of Blackwater “has actively participated in preservation efforts, promoted resource stewardship and encouraged advocacy by establishing numerous educational initiatives, funding refuge infrastructure and interpretive exhibit projects, and supporting refuge-sponsored events.”

Individual Achievement

George M. Radcliffe, Jr. – for Individual Achievement, which recognizes a person for his/her contributions to the heritage community by interpreting, preserving, promoting, researching and/or supporting local history and cultural traditions.

Radcliffe’s nomination noted that he “has tirelessly worked to maintain, expand, and improve Spocott Windmill & Village. He has researched to fill out the story of windmills in Dorchester, the Spocott Windmill, life in the Neck District area in the 1800s, the history of the Radcliffe family and more.”

Chesapeake Tours

Chesapeake Tours – Business Partner, which recognizes a for-profit partner that demonstrates sustained commitment to heritage preservation and/or promotion, including historic preservation, cultural or natural resource stewardship, advocacy, or heritage tourism opportunities in the Heart of Chesapeake Country. Priscilla Timken, founder of Chesapeake Tours, accepted the award.

Their nomination noted that “Chesapeake Tours takes such great pride in creating an individual, group experience for each person that comes through our area. The connection is the stories and the story teller and being prepared on the back end.”

The honorees also received citations noting their achievements and commending their work from U.S. Senators Chris Van Hollen and Benjamin Cardin; Maryland Sen. Addie Eckardt; and Maryland Delegates Johnny Mautz and Christopher Adams.

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