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Fox Creek Lodge & Adventures

Fox Creek Adventure’s mission is to provide nature enthusiasts, bird-watchers, kayakers, and canoeists with close and affordable access to one of the largest expanses of tidal wetlands set aside for wildlife in Maryland, the Fishing Bay Wildlife Management area. This 21,000 acre managed wetlands complex is adjacent to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge which consists of an additional 23,000 acres of tidal marshlands, freshwater ponds, loblolly pine/hardwood forests, and croplands. Blackwater boasts the highest population density of nesting bald eagles in the eastern United States.

Fox Creek Adventures facilitates visitor enjoyment of this pristine area and glimpse the habitat and home to numerous species of birds, mammals, and other wildlife, many of which are threatened or endangered. In addition to many miles of walking and hiking trails within a short distance of the Fox Creek property, there are immeasurable miles of waterways trails throughout the wetland paradise.

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1852 St. Thomas Church Road
Bishops Head, MD 21672
410-943-4266 (p)
443-521-2032 (p)
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