Ladies Fiesta with Mirror Mirror

Ladies Fiesta with Mirror Mirror 2019-05-29T12:22:20-04:00

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Mirror Mirror Salon hosts a Ladies Fiesta June 21 from 7 to 9pm at 443 Race St., Cambridge, MD. For ladies who want to be empowered while networking and having fun. Speaker will be Shay Lewis-Sisco. also known as ShaySpeaks, Shay is a native of Cambridge. It was her personal turmoil and life experiences that inspired her spiritual awaking and ignited her passion to walk into her purpose. Today the Founder and Visionary of the WOW Inspired Movement. Shay is a super authentic power house, and a “no holds barred” type of woman who is ready to inspire “the influencer” in you.

The DIY project for the evening will be to create your very own body butter, body scrub, face scrub or bath soak. Learn which ingredients heal and replenish the skin. Freestyle or follow custom recipes!

Address: 443 Race St, Cambridge, MD 21613