Extreme Boat Docking at Suicide Bridge

Extreme Boat Docking at Suicide Bridge 2019-01-16T09:47:14-05:00

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Join in the sixth annual Extreme Boat Docking Contest on Sunday, August 18, at Suicide Bridge Restaurant, 6304 Suicide Bridge Road in Hurlock. Boat docking starts at 1pm. As the Chesapeake Cowboys describes on its website, “Boat docking, also known as the water rodeo, is considered a water sport in which work boats and charter boats compete within their divisions to go from point A to get to point B and execute a task of tie/lasso of poles for a timed competition. They compete for cash, prizes, trophies and of course bragging rights…. These runs are filled with captains of all ages with some of the youngest captains as young as age 10.”

ADDRESS: 6304 Suicide Bridge Rd, Hurlock, MD 21643

Extreme Boat Docking Contest at Suicide Bridge Restaurant in Hurlock, MD