Bramble Family History Round 2

Bramble Family History Round 2 2019-08-27T18:47:47-04:00

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On Saturday, September 14, 2019 members/descendants of the Bramble family of Dorchester are invited to attend the second discussion and work session of this early and prominent family.  This public event is free to whomever would like to attend.  Saturdays event will begin at 11 am at the Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester.

In addition to fostering family networks, these work sessions are being facilitated to allow the Dorchester County Historical Society (DCHS) to augment its collection in relation to the Bramble family, whether you are a Bramble or not you are more than welcome to attend and share any information you may have in regards to the family’s history.  DCHS invites anyone who is willing to share information and images to bring them so that others may make copies of the same.

One focus of this meeting will be to trace the Dorchester County land records to follow the movement and find family members. Attendees will be introduced to the Todd Research Center and have research time with this growing and varied collection.

Those who wish to work on their family trees will be assisted as time allows.  For particular questions or roadblocks, you may contact DCHS staff at 410.228.7953 or The Heritage Museums are located at 1003 Greenway Drive in Cambridge, Maryland.