A Boy in the Boatyard Stories & Song

A Boy in the Boatyard Stories & Song 2019-10-29T09:37:48-04:00

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In this free public event, Pres Harding, grandson of renowned boat builder, Bronza M. Parks, will weave stories and songs with pictures. Inspired by his experiences growing up in Wingate, MD, Pres will take you back to a boatyard that produced 438 boats, including the sister Skipjacks Rosie Parks, Martha Lewis and Lady Katie. They were named for special people in the family: Katie was his grandmother, and Rosie and Martha were his great grandmothers. Joining Pres for the performance will be vocalist and guitarist Jodie Littleton.

The event takes place at 5pm on Nov. 16 at WHCP Radio, 516 Race St., Cambridge, MD. Seating is limited to first 50 at the door. Doors will open at 4:30pm.

This event is part of the Water/Ways exhibit at the Dorchester Center for the Arts Oct. 18-Nov. 30. Visit our Water/Ways page for a full calendar of Water/Ways programming.