Talk: America’s First Line of Defense

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The South Dorchester Folk Museum presents a talk on “America’s First Line of Defense” with Major General James Adkins, USA, retired, on Wednesday, August 3rd at 7pm at the Robbins Heritage Center at the Dorchester County Historical Society (aka Heritage Museums & Gardens of Dorchester).

Since the first days of the United States of America, beginning with the Dorchester Militia, the War of Independence. and the War of 1812, local militias have been and remain an essential element of our defense. In Maryland, the history of their bravery dates from the American Revolution. In Dorchester County during the Revolutionary War, some men joined the Flying Camps and the Continental Line whose soldiers were sent out of the county. The men of Delmarva were part of the 1st Maryland Regiment, also known as Smallwood’s Regiment, led by Colonel William Smallwood.

General Jim Adkins is a native of Dorchester County with a love of history. His European ancestors came to the southern part of Dorchester County in the 1600s. Before that, his Native American ancestors lived along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

The talk is free and all are welcome.

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