Snakehead Mayhem Tournament

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The second of four tournaments in the 2021 Snakehead Championship Series sponsored by Anglers Sport Center, the 2021 Snakehead Mayhem Tournament will be held June 19, 2021 and is $50 to enter. Each angler submits their 5 heaviest snakeheads and the angler with the most total weight for the tournament wins.

There are also optional Calcutta’s for $10 each:

-Single heaviest snakehead harvested, sponsored by Bassrack Outdoors
-Single longest snakehead harvested, sponsored by Horseman Enterprises
-Most snakeheads harvested in a single day (minimum of 8” to qualify) sponsored by The Land Group
-Single heaviest snakehead harvested throughout all four tournaments, sponsored by The Bait Boyz

There is also a FREE to enter youth division (17 and under) for the single heaviest snakehead harvested, sponsored by Roy Bradshaw’s Body Shop

Prizes will be determined by the number of entries

Top 5 finishers in the tournament will be awarded prizes
The winner of each Calcutta will be awarded a prize
The winner of the yearlong heaviest snakehead will be awarded their prize after the final tournament
All prizes will be distributed after results have been confirmed.

Along with individual tournament prizes, anglers will be competing for the Snakehead Angler of the Year trophy and prize sponsored by Coastal Conservation Association Maryland’s Great Chesapeake Invasive Count. Anglers will accumulate points towards the Snakehead Angler of the Year standings based on where they finish in each tournament. Point system:

All participating anglers will receive 10 points automatically for participation
1st place: 100 points, 2nd place: 99 points, 3rd place: 98 points, etc.
Only the top 100 anglers will receive placement points
All snakeheads not kept by anglers will be donated to feed the hungry

All anglers are REQUIRED to be at Woolford Store at 5am the day of the tournament for the Captain’s Meeting. We will be going over all the rules and any questions you may have about the tournament. We will also be collecting tournament waivers at the Captain’s Meeting. At 5:30 you are free to fish! Any angler who has not signed the waiver and paid their fees PRIOR to the start of the tournament will be automatically disqualified from participation!

This tournament series would not be possible without the help of all our sponsors. Please take a moment of your time to have a look at their goods and services. The 2021 Snakehead Championship Series is sponsored by:
Anglers Sport Center
CCA Maryland Great Invasive Count
Bassrack Outdoors
Horseman Enterprises
The Land Group
The Bait Boyz
Roy Bradshaw’s Body Shop & Towing
The Crab Stand
The Woolford Store
Denton Rod & Tackle
Nonthaburi Channidae Custom Baits
Autumn Sky Outfitters
Old Skool Tackle
Blue Oyster Environmental
Big Bass USA

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