Ontario Series: Mixed Media Constructions

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Main Street Gallery is pleased to present Delaware artist Jack Knight as guest artist for its March/April exhibit. Jack, who was born in Ontario Canada and currently resides in Long Neck, Delaware, will be showing his 3-D constructions alongside the work of the gallery’s 11 member artists in an exhibit titled “Ontario Series: Mixed Media Constructions”.

Occupying a long wall in the gallery is Jack’s series of eight colorful works that he began in April of 2022. The artist calls these vertical wall hung rectangles, “assemblages”, and truly they are.  Diverse elements such as small, brightly painted canvases, colorful buttons and balls, and even a plastic fork and a replica of a piece of cake are artfully assembled within wooden segments which are then assembled on a wooden frame to make the final 12″ wide by 36″ long piece.

While the works themselves exude a spirit of playfulness and fun, Knight describes the making of the series as being contemplative and visually imagined. “These wall constructions are created in a step by step process” he says and adds that they are put together on the floor. “The series reads from top to bottom and I work in sections and then assemble it as one work of art” he explains.

Jack, who grew up in Western New York, earned a BS in Art Education from Buffalo State College and a Master of Fine Arts from SUNY Buffalo.  He had a long career in the railroad industry but always found time to create. In 2010 he retired and became a full time studio artist.

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