My Harriet Shawls

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In 1897, Queen Victoria had a silk shawl made for Harriet Tubman. Join the Harriet Tubman Museum & Educational Center for a special museum opening on Sunday, October 23 from 1 to 3pm, and meet Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith to see her shawls and hear her inspiring talk. Music by David Cole and Mainstreet Blues. Donations welcome.

Here’s how Tenaria Drummond-Smith describes the shawls she creates: “In July 2018, I visited the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., where I saw an exhibit of the original shawl worn by Harriet Tubman in 1911. I was so inspired by it that I prayed about making my very own. The next morning, I had a vision about how the shawl would look. Once I completed it, the name came to me: The Harriet Tubman-inspired SWAG Shawl. I pray before making each shawl, and I tell the buyer about the scripture that was in my heart during the making of their shawl….”

Address: 424 Race Street, Cambridge, MD
Phone: 410-228-0401

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