Mid-Shore Fishing Club Invasive Species Tournament

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Month long Invasive Species Tournament

       July 1, 2023 to July 31, 2023

Choptank River ONLY from Bouy #10 up to Greensboro

Includes tributaries of the Choptank.

Blue Catfish, Flathead (Mud) Catfish and Snakehead.

Adults 25.00
Children 12 and under 10.00

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We Need YOUR Help – It is Illegal to Transport Live SnakeHead or Blue and FlatHead Catfish into another Body of Water – Fines up to $2500.

Rules:  Each Day you catch fish you will snap a PICTURE on your phone (JPEG only) and send to Bob Lawrence at 410-365-5723 or email to: webmaster@mid-shorefishingclub.com ( Picture must have a measurement device showing the size of the fish and include the date picture was taken and a Landmark of some type aka Boat Ramp, channel marker, bridge, etc.)

1st place each catagory 250.00
2nd place each catagory 150.00
3rd place each catagory 75.00

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