Drums Along the Marshyhope

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The South Dorchester Folk Museum presents “Drums Along the Marshyhope” on Wednesday, June 1 at 7pm.  The event will be held at the Robbins Heritage Center, Dorchester County Historical Society, 1003 Greenway Drive, Cambridge, MD and features speaker, Terry Crannell (past president of the Mid-Shore Chapter of the Archaeological Society of MD and founder and administrator of the Mid-Shore Archaeology Club).  This program will point out some of the Indian settlements, prehistoric and historic as well as artifacts and tools that have been found at these sites within the perimeters of the Chicone Indian Reservation near Vienna. This includes sites on the Marshyhope, Nanticoke and Chicone Creek from the colonial contact period to thousands of years ago.

Address:  1003 Greenway Drive, Cambridge, MD

Questions?  Call:  410-228-6175 – South Dorchester Folk Museum or

410-228-7953 Dorchester County Historical Society



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