2022 Snakehead Summer Slam

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The fourth of five tournaments in the 2022 Snakehead Championship Series, the 2022 Snakehead Summer Slam will be held July 30, 2022. Anglers will be competing either in the boating division or the kayak/shoreline division. Anglers may only enter into one division, the boating division is $100 to enter and the kayak division is $50 to enter. Both divisions are eligible to enter into the optional Calcuttas. Each angler submits their 5 heaviest snakeheads and the angler with the most total weight in their division wins. All anglers must be checked in at the weigh-in station by 4:30 PM at Anglers Sport Center.

All snakeheads not kept by anglers will be donated to feed the hungry
All anglers are REQUIRED to be at Anglers Sport Center at 5:00 am the day of the tournament for the Captain’s Meeting. We will be going over all the rules and any questions you may have about the tournament. We will also be collecting tournament waivers at the Captain’s Meeting. After the Captain’s Meeting we will release you and you are free to fish! Any angler who has not signed the waiver and paid their fees PRIOR to the start of the tournament will be automatically disqualified from participation!

See full details, including Calcutta’s and prizes.

Address for Woolford Store: 1614 Taylors Island Rd, Woolford, MD

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