A Christmas tree made from re-purposed crab baskets and buoys? Oh yes! A busy corner in downtown Cambridge is home to a 20-foot high tree made from nearly 200 bushel baskets that have been used to harvest Maryland blue crabs — and probably will be put back to work when crab season starts again in April. The one-of-a-kind tree — which celebrates Dorchester County’s waterman culture — draws folks from near and far who are eager to take a selfie at the spot. This has become a much loved holiday tradition in the few years it’s been happening. It’s built each year by a handful of volunteers led by Brandon Hesson who first came up with the idea, with  the J.M. Clayton  Company donating the crab baskets and Bay Country Communications lending a bucket truck. Others gathered used buoys and local artisan Jack Helgeson re-purposed them into ornaments. It’s one reason that Cambridge made PropTalk magazine’s list of “7 Chesapeake Holiday Destinations.”

Check out the tree at the corner of Race and Gay Streets in downtown Cambridge, Maryland. We love our Crab Basket Tree!
(Photo by Jill Jasuta)

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