Choptank Region History Network

about us


For the past 20 years local, regional, and national historians and researchers have been investigating the history of the Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad on the Eastern Shore. In January 2001, John Creighton, a local researcher and expert on Harriet Tubman, started a discussion group concentrating on Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad through genealogical and primary document research. This group is now known as the Choptank Region History Network.

These discussion groups focused on Tubman’s life experiences, where she lived, who she led north, and other Underground Railroad and local stories. This effort helped to locate new sources of historical information, and fostered sharing this history with the local community and across the country. Over the years more local Underground Railroad heroes have come to light. While this has been going on in Cambridge, nationally recognized historians around the country and on the Eastern Shore have been undertaking their own research – sometimes confirming, sometimes challenging the local research.

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