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Chesapeake Ghost Walks

Chesapeake Ghost Walks on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is the largest cluster of regional heritage walks in America. Twelve separate night-time walks through historic towns in an area stretching from the Chesapeake Bay to the Ocean City comprise this collection of haunted tours that reveal the stories behind one of the most haunted regions in the USA.

Together this cluster of ghost walks includes over 130 haunted sites and stories and 15 graveyards. The spirits of pirates, sea captains, merchants, governors, soldiers, slaves, orphans, farmers, witches, hoteliers, doctors, actresses and “ladies of the evening” are revealed. And though each walk stands on its own as a separate attraction, the haunted history between towns is connected. Spirits from one featured town were often related-in-life to spirits from other featured towns. Going on all twelve walks will not only keep guests entertained, it will also give guests a broad perspective on Eastern Shore heritage.

Each walk is led by a certified guide who is trained on the history and folklore of that particular town, as well as paranormal and psychic phenomena. Every tour is suitable for adults and kids. The Chesapeake Ghost Walks weave a tapestry of local lore and legend, and reveal the rich heritage of the Eastern Shore and the essence of its unique character.

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