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Chesapeake Forest Land

The Chesapeake Forest Lands are comprised of 460 parcels totaling more than 58,000 acres in five Eastern Shore counties, including Dorchester. Approximately half of the forest area (29,000 acres) is open to public hunting, while the other half is under a leased hunting program. In Dorchester, there are more than 14,000 ares designated as Chesapeake Forest.

Visit the website for information concerning the leased hunting program and maps of the public hunting areas. Furbearers, forest game, upland game, and waterfowl may be hunted on these properties where found. A permit is required for trapping. Contact the Chesapeake Forest Office at 410.632.3732, on 6572 Snow Hill Rd. in Snow Hill, MD, for information on other possible hunting opportunities for the physically disabled.

In Dorchester County, you can visit these lands: Bell Estate Complex- 445 acres located off the south side of Centennial Road. Hornicke/Oliphant Complex- 370 acres located off Vienna – Henrys Crossroads Road near LeCompte WMA. Insley Complex- 445 acres located off Beach Ground Road. Lewis Complex- 1,594 acres located off Henrys Crossroads and Griffith’s Neck Road adjacent to Fishing Bay WMA. Marshy Hope Complex- 3,408 acres located along Marshy Hope Creek off N. Tara, Harrison Ferry, Wesley, and Puckham Roads. South Baumgardner Complex- 210 acres located off Elliotts Island Road adjacent to Fishing Bay WMA. The Chesapeake Forest Lands encompass most of the former land holdings of the Chesapeake Forest Products Company.

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