Heritage Business Spotlight

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The Heritage Business Spotlight recognizes and promotes long-standing, local businesses with deep ties to the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area (HCCHA) and that have a demonstrated commitment to advancing the mission and goals of the HCCHA.

Before filling out the application, please download and read the Heritage Business Spotlight Guidelines. Then fill out the application below. Click here for the Guidelines. (If you are interested in suggesting a nonprofit site or asset for our Heritage Gem Spotlight, please click here.)


  • Please give your name and your relationship to the business (owner, founder, manager, etc.)
  • Please provide the date that the business was founded or estimate the number of years that it has been established. Describe how the business got started.
  • (such as how your company got its name, your company mascot or pet, an award or recognition that you received, an unusual or fun event that you sponsored, etc.)
  • We know that water is what makes Dorchester County unique. Explain one way that you are moved by this important resource in our community.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.