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COVID-19 – what’s open, closed

Here's the latest on what's opened, what's closed, and what's postponed in Dorchester County, MD. Plus a listing of local restaurants offering take-out/delivery, along with their contact info. The list is being updated multiple times each day. If you know of updates not included here, please let us know by emailing (click headline above to read more)

RFP: Wayside Installations on Byway

Dorchester County is accepting proposals for the fabrication and installation of five new markers and replacing map panels on 16 existing byway markers along the Harriet Tubman Byway. The project will improve and update the visitor infrastructure along the Byway and provide a more complete and up-to-date experience. (Click the headline to read more.)

Tastes like…. muskrat!

In February and March 2020, you have a few opportunities to try one of Dorchester County’s more unusual delicacies — muskrat! This small rodent found in local marshlands used to be a staple on dinner tables. Now you, too, can experience it... (click on headline to read more)

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