Hooper’s Island

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Hoopers’ Island is actually comprised of three islands with authentic working watermen villages. Some properties have the earliest land grants in Dorchester County, issued in 1659, approximately 10 years before the County was established. The main island was allegedly bought from the Indians in exchange for blankets.

The Hooper Island Lighthouse is one of only five lights constructed in the Bay during the 1900’s. The Hooper Island Lighthouse is located in approximately 18′ of water, approximately three miles west of Hooperville, Upper Hooper Island. It was first lit in 1902. Hooper Island Lighthouse is the only cast-iron caisson lighthouse in Maryland with a watch room and lantern surmounted on the tower.

The graveyard at Hoopers Island was identified as “an endangered Maryland treasure” by the Maryland Commission for Celebration 2000.

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An inside look at the seafood industry

On Hoopers Island, most residents still make a living by working the water, catching and processing crabs, oysters, and fish. Get a peek into a crab factory by taking a tour at A.E. Phillips & Son (by appointment only; call 410.397.3752), where the famous Phillips seafood restaurants had their roots. Or see the newest way to harvest oysters—through aquaculture—with a tour of Chesapeake Gold Oysters (by appointment, call 410.397.3664).

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